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"Following our brand new Mercedes Benz being damaged by a careless valet, we were shocked to learn of the at-fault party's insurance company's refusal to acknowledge our vehicle's loss in value despite it's successful repair! Luckily, we were referred to Findler & Findler, P.A.  Within weeks after providing them with all the necessary body repair reports etc,. Findler & Findler, P.A. was successful in forcing the insurance company to settle for the full value demanded!   Without them, I would have never received a check for $8,250! They were very professional, quick to follow up and were excellent communicators."


"After our auto accident last year, we were left feeling disappointed that our car would be worth so much less when it came time to sell. The at-fault party's insurance company did not offer any compensation for the diminished value of our vehicle. Working with Findler & FIndler, P.A. to recover the value of our car was a straightforward, fast process. Within weeks, we had settled and received a check for $3700.  They made us whole again, and we are incredibly thankful!"

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